Dr. Zisis Boukouvalas M.D Ph.D  is the Director of Plastic Surgeryclinic at «METROPOLITAN» hospital (which is TEMOS certified) and he is Ph.D Graduate from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Dr. Boukouvalas M.D. Ph.D

“It is a known fact that Greece is one of the best destinations for medical and health services in the world”. Dr. Boukouvalas has been trained and specialised as a Plastic Surgeon in England and in the USA. After the completion of his training he decided to return to his country, and establish one of the largest plastic surgery and regenerative medicine clinics in Greece with the intent to provide high quality medical services, using the latest and most up to date technologies and highest quality materials, treating each patient with honesty and empathy. Right now, he runs four practices in Athens and Thessaloniki and is a member of international organisations such as ISAPS, IPRAS, HESPRAS, EBOPRAS. In his state-of-the-art practices, Dr. Boukouvalas offers: AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY SERVICES

Breast Augmentation – Dr. Boukouvalas specialises in the Subfascial technique, with which implants are inserted under the fascia of the major thoracic muscle. It is a groundbreaking technique that combines all the benefits of older methods without any of their shortcomings. Thus, post-surgically the breasts have a very natural appearance without any signs of the procedure.

4D Lipoplasty – The 4d High Definition Lipoplasty can be applied to the whole body, in AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY whichever area an excess of fat is located. Areas like that can be the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. The meticulous and thorough pre-op assessment and planning of the procedure combined with the most up to date techniques, can offer extremely detailed and accurate results, with no pain and no sedation of the patient.


V-Lift – Tightening and lifting of the facial skin with threads. A new non-invasive facial reconstruction technique, based on the hypodermic recovery and tightening of the loose skin tissue with the insertion of suspendable surgical yarns.

Bio Nutri Lift – This brand new medical procedure is based upon the retrospective motion technique, using fillers and bio-irrigation injections, placed from the same entry point in the face creating tissue support shafts, without injuring the skin. Using specialised techniques and soft tissue fillers, balance and facial proportions can be restored, along with volume and intensity, giving a more youthful and completely natural appearance.

Brazilian Butt Lift – This treatment tightens and lifts the buttocks while perfecting their shape. It is a pioneering solution especially for women lacking volume with subsequent sugging that do not wish to undergo surgery.
DR. BOUKOUVALAS Specialist in Plastic Surgery Member of key global institutions such as the “ISAPS”, “IPRAS”, “HESPRAS” and “EBOPRAS”