In recent years more and more people concerned with their appearance seek the assistance of a Plastic Surgeon. One of the leading non-invasive therapies is unquestionably smoothing out facial wrinkles using botulinum antitoxin (botox).

This treatment has the potential to smooth in a harmonious and natural way the forehead between the eyebrows and the outer limit of the eyes (crow’s feet). The correction simply improves the image of wrinkles but does not bring their complete disappearance. This would look ugly and unnatural. It is very important to perform the treatment so that the end result is the same face without the intense effect of time and wrinkles.

It is rare to find a therapy where in such a short period, the drug begins to have effect within 3-5 days and completes its action and effect in 15 days, brings a very striking improvement to any face it is used on. The final image after botox is that of a restful face free of wrinkles, but whose features have not been altered.

Friends and relatives recognize the improvement but cannot understand what exactly happened. And this is exactly what we want, the feeling of “let them keep wondering” that is typical of every successful therapy whose goal is not a showy impression but harmony and true beauty.

Botox is a treatment is and must be applied following a specific protocol of repetitions in order to achieve a constantly improving result. In the first two years it should be performed three times a year, in the next two years twice a year and after the first four years it may be done once per year. This ensures not only the improvement of a face but also preserves and enhances that improved and youthful result.

It should be mentioned that botox treatment is by far the most popular with patients and the public and only a few who see how their face can be improved with this treatment decide not to repeat it. The vast majority of people faithfully repeat it, especially because it is absolutely safe as evidenced by studies during 40 years of medical practice.

Never before in the history of medicine has a treatment attracted so much people as the botox treatment nowadays.