Thigh reconstruction concerns primarily and foremost the inner surface of the legs, above the knee. This relates directly to the relaxation of the anterior and posterior medial surface but it indirectly concerns the whole thigh. Restoring relaxation in any area has a direct impact on the surrounding areas, because they also benefit.

The surgery in Anagenesiss Centers Plastic Surgery is done using the grail technique developed by Dr. Boukouvalas, presented at the world Plastic Surgery conference in Rhodes in 2009, and which only presents advantages compared with all relevant methods.

The procedure is performed with incisions that start on the pubic area, and not from the thigh-groin fold as is usual with earlier techniques. Then the incision is carried vertically briefly between the legs and then backward it switches to the subgluteal space where it ends. The design of the front part of the grail-like incision ensures their coverage in the best possible way. After the incisions, the surgery starts with an extensive liposuction/ detachment of the inner surface of the thighs, which allows the skin to move upwards. The excess skin is removed and the incisions are sutured on multiple levels in order to heal them in the best possible way.

How long does the procedure of thigh reconstruction last?

After surgery patients wear a rubber corset applying slight pressure to the area of the surgery so as to support the skin in its new position and to prevent the formation of any unwanted swelling in the area. It is important to avoid intense physical activity in the immediate postoperative period, which however progressively declines until 1 month after the operation, when the patient may return to full physical activity.

How long does the result last?

The effect of such a surgery is long, it could be said that no one can ever come back to the state before surgery state, regardless of how many years pass.

Of course, the large fluctuations in body weight (over 14-20 pounds) may impair the final perfect result of the surgery. However such surgeries are used as a starting point to change ourselves while changing also any bad habits that led him there.

What will be the change in the body after surgery?

The change in the body after surgery of thigh reconstruction is really great. In the area of thighs the change is striking, patients will change the size of the clothes they wear something that is highly wanted by everyone.

The technique used by Anagenesis Plastic Surgery Centers is very important because it leaves no visible scars and does not cause orthopedic problems in the genital area, as was the case with some earlier operations!

Instead, it restores the area in an ideal way and as a result one notices the positive psychological impact on the patient as it improves both her looks and desire to care about herself and most importantly it boosts her self-confidence.

It can be applied from the age of about 18 years, but usually targeted at older ages.

The duration of the surgery depends on the technique used. The return to work is not usually require more than 3-7 days.

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