BREAST reconstruction

No one now denies that breasts are for women not only a very important organ in childbirth and lactation, but also a very sensitive part of her body psychologically.

MODERN PLASTIC SURGERY can currently restore A downward breast WITH MINIMal incisions that ESSENTIALLY DISAPPEAR after the operation.

This operation is done under general anesthesia, takes about two hours and after its completion a woman ends up with a reconstructed breast that resembles the breast at the end of puberty. Using the technique of vertical mammoplasty incisions are smaller and this should be contrasted with many older techniques that due to large and highly visible incisions discouraged patients.

The operation requires staying one night in the hospital after surgery and the patient returns home the following morning. During the first 20 to 30 days, the patient wears a sports bra and sutures are removed about 2 weeks after surgery.

If the downward breast is “empty”, this operation is combined with augmentation and placement of implants in order to achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

It can be applied from the age of about 18 years, but usually targeted at older ages

The surgery lasts about 2 hours. In 3-4 days, the patient can return to work, if they work in the office (because the intense stress should be avoided).

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