Our image to society usually does not involve only our face, but also the hand area. After all, greeting normally starts with a handshake, while both the face, and our hands remain equally exposed to the eyes of others throughout the day. As far as the modern woman is concerned, who after a full business day, is asked to resume her activities as conscientious housewife, her hands get very tired causing the skin to show major dehydration. At the same time and over time, dark spots and discolorations develop on the back of hands, as a result of exposure to strong sunlight in Greece.

The rejuvenation of the back of our hands, their return to a more youthful image and elimination of spots and discolorations is now possible, directly in the doctor’s office, thanks to painless treatments that do not require stop of our daily activities.

Restoring color uniformity is achieved by applying laser sessions. The beam of laser energy is absorbed maximally by the dark spots, which are destroyed within 2-3 sessions without leaving any scar. Thus, the skin becomes again free of scars and its color is restored. This reconstruction lasts for many years or is permanent.

As regards the overall texture of the skin, the very prominent image of tendons and veins and the sagging skin on the backs of hands, the application of hyaluronic acid in forms of free flowing and intermediate density is the ideal treatment. The skin and the subcutaneous layer increase in thickness, the skin is intensely hydrated and the aged image of bony and gaunt hand is reversed, for a period of 6 months to 1 year.