In males the benign breast swelling that looks like a woman’s breast is called gynecomastia. This augmentation may be related to breast tissue, subcutaneous fat and skin. It is anti-aesthetic for men because they cannot hide their breasts and thus they become the subject of comments.

Gynecomastia can be divided into two different categories depending on the cause of the problem:

In pseudogynecomastia:

which may result from fat deposition due to obesity, or excess skin after weight loss. In true gynecomastia: it is caused by a real proliferation of milk ducts and the gland. Pseudogynecomastia can exist in obese persons and remain even after weight loss. In that case it is operated directly, without looking for other causes.

in true gynecomastia an endocrine disorder preexists and must be considered. In this case if the cause cured and gynecomastia still remain, a surgery will be needed.

This disorder can be:

  • Normal as a result of physiological changes in hormones
  • Neonatal: Breasts are swollen in newborns at birth. This is due to the mother’s hormones and subsides after a few weeks.
  • Adolescent: Partial swelling of breasts in several boys caused by hormone secretion due to normal development. Swelling is minor, does not create psychological difficulties and disappears in 1-3 years and does not need surgery.
  • Climacteric: At an age where a man’s genital functions weaken, swelling of breasts may rarely occur. The age at which this may occur varies and may need endocrinological investigation.
  • Endogenous resulting from a pathological dysfunction of a gland. This case requires a complete history, physical examination and laboratory tests to find the cause. It needs immediate surgery but the existing disease should be cured.
  • Extrinsic resulting from medication
  • Gynecomastia may be caused by hormones, certain diuretics, aldosterone antagonists, isoniazid, radioactive iodines, etc.

How is the surgery performed and how long does it last?

Depending on the case, it requires a complete or local anesthesia and sedation. Complete anesthesia only if removal of the mammary gland is necessary.

Two small holes are created in the skin of the breast area, one on each side and the Vibro-Lipo tap sucks fat. It is short, safe and leaves no scars. After surgery you wear a special corset. You can go home the same day. 2-3 sutures are removed in 8 days. Swelling and bruising disappear in 1-2 weeks. The final shape will take about a month to be visible.

In case of excess skin it is removed through incisions around the nipple and then careful suturing. This technique minimizes postoperative scars.

It can be applied from the age of about 18 years.

The procedure is quick, safe and leaves no scars. The patient can return home the same day.

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