Otoplasty is the surgery that deals with the configuration of the ear flap because of aesthetic deformity present from birth or because of damage following an accident.

The permissible angle between the ear flap and the head is between 20 and 30 degrees, anything above that value is considered protruding ear.

Correcting the protruding ears, which represents the vast majority of otoplasty procedures, is made during childhood mostly in males in order to avoid mockery by schoolmates. Females conceal them with their long hair and this solves the problem until the end of adolescence and then the need for change in hairstyle (e.g. bun) leads to performing the surgery.

How is the operation made and how long does it last?

Otoplasty requires the prior conduct of a typical clinical and laboratory test that is completed on the morning of the surgery. This is followed by the operation performed with sedation and local anesthesia and takes about two hours. In Anagenesis Plastic Surgery Centers, the surgery for correcting protruding ears can be done with many techniques (Mustarde, Chong). The technique we apply involves modifying the method of completely degloving the flap from skin through incision to its posterior surface. Thereafter the auricular cartilage is scored (scoring) so as to allow its rearward turning and the reconstruction of its proper angulation relative to the skull. Then reconstruction is performed through skin coverage and suture intradermally in the back surface of the ear.

To prevent hematoma a very careful bandaging is done that lasts approximately 11 days. During this time patients take oral antibiotic and anti-inflammatory / decongestive treatment while consulting the doctor for follow-up every 2-3 days.   The removal of bandaging on the 11th day already impresses the patient because while ears are quite swollen, their final position is already clear reflecting the success of the procedure. Thereafter, it is required to use only rubber bands (like those worn by tennis players) during the hours of sleep.

In addition, otoplasty uses various techniques to repair congenital malformations of ear problems (Stahls ear, cap ear, etc.) and to correct its injuries. Earrings worn by women very often open up big holes on the lobule or pierce through it completely. In these cases, reconstruction is possible through delicate interventions (e.g. z-plasty) that restore the normal anatomy of the area.

The improved image of patients after successful otoplasty is obvious because it is accompanied by a significant improvement of their psychology. Women are remarkably cheerful and happy and the general impression to their family is that they got beautiful but cannot determine exactly how.

The definition of beauty is none other than its recognition when it simply exists (Marcel Proust, French writer).

The Rhinoplasty can be applied from the age of about 18 years. The operation can not be performed prior to complete formation of the person because otherwise other than the potential for disharmony proportions of the face, rhinoplasty can affect the function of the nose itself.

The time of healing and the patient’s return to activities depends on the method to be applied.

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