Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary new liposculpture method used in America for several years and is based on extensive research by Harvard University on non-invasive liposculpture methods.

This method has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is the new weapon of plastic surgery against local accumulation of fat. It achieves without scalpel the harmless reduction of fat cells and relies on cooling, resulting in their destruction.

3DLIPO™ is the innovative machine that offers the ultimate therapy for local reduction of the number of fat cells.

This is achieved by using intense cooling (-6 °C) applied locally to the adipose tissue. It is completely painless and the patient can return immediately to work.

The system can be characterized as a non-invasive lipolytic therapy that combines deep freeze and vacuum for the effective removal of localized fat and for increasing metabolism.

Two heads that generate negative pressure and suck the area of localized fat achieve localized cooling destroying only fat cells and leaving all other tissues intact.

The method exploits the different sensitivity of fat cells to cold in relation to other cells in the body. Groups of fat cells in the treated area are exposed to controlled low temperature and shed, without harming the surrounding tissues (nerves, skin, blood vessels, muscles, etc.).

Studies indicate that when fat cells are cooled for a specific time and temperature, they meet with their biological destruction-apoptosis and are discharged via the lymphatic system.

The result of this is that patients notice a significant reduction of accumulated fat in the treated area after 15-20 days, for a maximum effect in 3 months.

In Anagenesis plastic surgery centers, the liposculpture method of Cryolipolysis treats cellulite, localized fat, and achieves spectacular body shaping and skin tightening.

It only takes 3 sessions in the same area. Clinical studies have shown that the decrease reaches 40 to 45% of the adipose tissue.