BREAST reduction

Large breasts are often something desired by many women who were not fortunate enough to have it. However, very large breasts is a major obstacle to women. It leads to poor posture, problems in the musculoskeletal system and the spine in particular, tendency to avoid social activities and as a result it leads to easy weight gain.

The REDUCTION OF A huge and unpleasant BREAST IS performed by DR. ZISIs BOUKOUVALAs BASED ON THE PRINCIPLES OF MODERN PLASTIC SURGERY that seek to ELIMINATe postoperative scars.

Thus, incisions are very small and inconspicuous after full healing, while the result is both natural and aesthetically complete.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. It is necessary to stay one day in the hospital. Postoperatively, the patient wears an elastic bra for one month. This aims at supporting the breasts, their fast decongestion and avoiding pain when the patient moves.

Patients who choose this surgery usually discover postoperatively that it was much easier for them than they thought and relatively painless. It changes so much the daily life of patients and has an important impact on their mood.

It can be applied from the age of about 18 years.
The surgery lasts about 2 hours. Required stay one day in the hospital. Gradually, after a week, the patient can return to work, if they work in the office (because the intense stress should be avoided).

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